Friday, March 23, 2012

Onix OA-21s Amplifier and OA-22 SOAP power supply

Wow. Wow. Wow. Yes there are three there and there should be more. At 60WPC coupled with it's SOAP power supply it just sounds amazing. From it's minimalism design, to it's stunning blue circuit board, quality components and it's absolutely spectacular sound. All this unit would need is some incandescant ambient lighting and a cameo in a Ridley Scott 80's sci-fi movie and it would have it all!

Playmaster Twin Twenty Five (25)

You may not instantly recognise the brand Playmaster immediately, especially if you're not from Australia. To be honest I didn't either, but the name rung a bell. Down under, we once had a magazine called "Electronics Australia" they would periodically release designs and sell them in kit form under the name Playmaster. Ranging in valve and solid state equipment, a lot of their earlier work was with Guitar Amps and PA amps, however they did do HiFi as well.

Quite beautifully built, brush aluminum faceplate, Solid machined aluminum knobs, and a nice simple design that's not cluttered. It's exactly what a nice simple amplifier should be. Simple!