Monday, January 30, 2012

Sony TA-1055 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

At a very under-rated 20 watts per channel, this DC integrated amplifier is a true gem. This is actually the second time I've had one of these and I'm still in love with it's design. A warm sounding amplifier, it really can deliver in the sound department.

It's condition when purchased was actually not too bad. There was some corrosion on the chrome, and on the slide switches and the usual build up of dirt. Internally it was actually quite clean for a nearly 40 year old amplifier some capacitors were showing a bit of bulging and the DC offset was measuring a bit high on the right side (25mV vs 3.2 on the left) however nothing that could not be solved.

Pictures before restoration:

Internals before servicing:

Mix of old Nichicon and Elna capacitors:

The capacitors were replaced with my usual choice of Panasonic TS-HA for the main filter capacitors and Panasonic AM for the rest. The filter capacitors were upgraded from 3300uF to 4700uF. This posed a problem at the end where I did not realise that I had enough clearance for the top cover. You'll actually see in the finished photos that the wood cover is slightly higher on the left hand side than on the right (this is when I actually discovered this slight issue). The easy fix was to burr a slight indent on the underside of the wood cover, fits perfectly now.

Anyway, enjoy the finished results!

New capacitors:

Polished faceplate:


  1. Hi
    My dad has had this one since 1970's and just been passed to me. What I was wondering is if you can play both channels at the same time (main and remote) as mine seems to only play one or the other..
    DO you recommend I find someone to restore like you did, it seems to be working ok?

    1. you just need to install 4 speakers, two at main channel, two at remote channel, because this amplifier use serial connection between main and remote channel, so you need to install 4 speakers. after that, both channels can play music at the same time

  2. lovely to see the care. Have had two of these and gave the last one away to a friend last week. As per the comment above, the controls are not 100% intuitive. The power switch has always felt upside down to most people.

  3. Hi

    I just purchased a TA 1055 and it needs a clean, was just wondering if you could give me advice on what to use in order to avoid scratching or damaging the face plate?



    1. I am wondering the same thing. Have you heard back? Is there a special type of polish?

  4. Just use eye glass felt !

  5. Hi! I can pick 1 up tomorrow.It is not working.Is it an easy amp to work on for a beginner?Greetings from the Netherlands.

  6. This will likewise enhance the nature of the sound from the stereo framework. AmplifierExperts

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  8. Nice job done! I'm waiting one now from Japan. Tell me please, how did you polish that face panel with keep all letters clear? Thanks in advance.